Space Planning & Design  


The space planning and design of the office has an enormous impact on the productivity of the staff and efficiency of the space. To achieve a successful solution, a site and staff survey is done following which the information collected is processed together with M.O.Design's recommendations and a CAD floor plan is then presented to the client.

The following issues are addressed:

  • Storage
  • Furniture – existing and/or new
  • Working areas including flow
  • Circulatory areas
  • Collaboration areas, meeting and image areas

Benefits to our clients:

  • A well designed space where your staff can work in a comfortable, creative and productive environment impacting positively on the bottom-line
  • Efficient space utilisation -  m2 = R
  • Knowledge of regulations and restrictions
  • Drawings done in CAD format which is compatible with related service providers
  • Reduced m2 requirements enabling our clients to rent out wasted space and make money from it during challenging economic times