Office Furniture  

 With the added bonus of our expertise and co-ordination

There are so many aspects to furniture selection and one needs to make an educated selection in order for it to be a true investment.

Far too often a large amount is invested in sub-standard furniture which is ergonomically  incorrect or short cuts have been taken such as seating, which loses its back “support” after 6 months leading to sore backs and un-productive down time! And what about that drawer unit where the drawer lands in your lap or on the floor each time you open it!  

Furniture needs to be selected for the application.

M.O.Design has been seating staff comfortably for more than 16 years and can help you select the furniture for your office. From an ergonomic, functional, space planning and aesthetic perspective.

In addition to this service, we can also assist with the selection of “green” products and materials.

Benefits to our clients

Our relationship with a number of furniture manufacturers/suppliers is we receive a % of the commission which their representative usually gets for the work we save them. This way, our clients get the furniture at the same price with the added value of our expertise and co-ordination – win for all!